Local Transportation

  • Drive shelter van to spay/neuter appointments in Florence and Hartsville. Appointments are Tuesdays-Fridays. Volunteer for one or more days.
  • Transport sick/injured animals from shelter to local vets using shelter van or own vehicle. Happens on an “as needed” basis. Volunteers are notified from a call list at shelter. Volunteers respond as possible.

Driving Rescue Transports

  • Normally occur every 2 weeks
  • Volunteer for one or more trips per year
  • Drive cargo van (NO Class D License required) carrying 30-40 shelter animals to meet rescue volunteers picking up the animals in Virginia and Delaware
  • Travel to Delaware on Saturday, spend the night, and return to SC on Sunday.
  • Expenses for gas, food, and lodging are covered by Rescue/Medical Support funds…but donations are welcome.

Loading Rescue Transports

  • Volunteers work in 3 teams
  • Each team loads a transport every 6 weeks
  • Arrive at the shelter (normally at 6:00AM) on Saturday morning
  • Take animals from kennels, put ID’s on, and fit carriers for 50-75 shelter animals
  • Load animals onto vans and have ready to pull out for transport at 8:00AM

Shelter Volunteers – (Must Be Trained and Then Scheduled for Specific Time Period)

  • Intake – receive animals into the shelter: conduct an intake interview, complete the correct paperwork, be responsible for the animal until turned over to the correct shelter staff member
  • Adoption – conduct an adoption interview, be knowledgeable about the animals at the shelter and the adoption fees, guide a prospective adopter to appropriate animals, facilitate the selection process (how/where people and animals can get acquainted), help an adopter fill out the adoption form, stay with an adopter until a shelter management staff member can finalize the adoption
  • Answer the Phone – identify the caller, record business in phone log, give approved information to the caller, route call to appropriate shelter staff/county office
  • Excel records – enter animal data into Excel spreadsheets.  Must generally be done when shelter is closed due to limited space and computer access
  • Assist Shelter Med Techs – assist shelter medical technicians (noncertified) to take temperatures, give vaccine shots, administer medicines, give medicated baths and dips, clean wounds, clean ears, take blood samples, enter medical data into computerized shelter management system, etc.
  • Clean and Disinfect transport vans every Monday – volunteer one or more Mondays per year
  • Bathe Animals
  • Load Washers and Dryers, fold clean linens, and restock linen locations
  • Photograph Animals for the pictures needed to post for rescues and adoptions
  • Write Bios for the animals for rescues and adoptions

Foster an Animal

  • Keep an animal in your home until it can leave for a rescue
  • Keep an animal in your home until a health issue can be resolved
  • See the Foster an Animal page for more information