Shelter Information

Our Mission

Darlington County Humane Society is a non-profit organization with the mission of promoting humane care of dogs and cats in Darlington County.
  • Provide humane and compassionate care for the abandoned and neglected dogs and cats brought to the Darlington County Animal Shelter.

  • Place shelter pets in safe homes with responsible owners through reclaim, adoption, and rescue services.

  • This includes the screening of potential adopters with the adoption application process, or the placement of animals with reputable rescue organizations by networking, coordination of placement, and providing transportation.

  • Operate the Bridge Transitional Facility for dogs and cats with confirmed rescue or adoption, or those who need time to heal, and to make space available at the shelter for additional intake.

  • Reduce the rate of euthanasia with a goal of becoming a “no-kill” shelter.

  • Advance the goal of becoming a “no-kill” shelter by reducing the number of unwanted dogs and cats in Darlington County through education and spay/neuter outreach.

  • Provide coordination and oversight of volunteers to support all aspects of the organization’s operations.