Outreach (Assistance)

Community Outreach provides educational and financial assistance to residents of Darlington County to aid towards proper care and timely spay and neuter of their pets, pets that might otherwise not access appropriate veterinary services. It is our mission to promote healthy pet ownership and increase the access of low cost to free spay and neuter services. Spay and neuter greatly reduces the number of unwanted animals in our county, further reducing those at risk of occupying our county animal shelter. Community Outreach is an all volunteer ran program available to owners of pets in our county, separate from services of homeless animals that are housed at the shelter. 

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* Please note, some grants or funding sources, have reporting criteria that require DCHS to verify participation in assistance programs. If that applies, it will be discussed with you.
** We cannot assure you that we can get your animal(s) to your preferred vet, but we will try.